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Sept 20-26

What's the best deals coming up?

This week there are actually some really good deals!! Here's a list of my favorites :) what I would consider stock up prices! Everyone I think kind of has their own ideas of what they would stock up for, like some people got these items way cheaper and that's okay too! Remember to head on over to the facebook page to see a full list under "announcements"

*NF = No Frills*

-Barilla is on @ NF for $0.97! use the $0.75 tear pads making them $0.22 a box!

-All-Bran cereal is $2.99 @ Dominion - use the $2 mail out to pay just $0.99!

-Ziploc bags are on for $2 @ NF - use the $3 wub 2 inserts and get them for 2/$1!

-Wonder buns are $1.97 @ NF - use the bogo print and get them for $0.99 each!

-Almond silk milk is on for $2.99 @ NF - use the $1 prints to get them for $1.88!

-Villaggio bread is 2/$4 @ Sobeys, use the $2 walmart coupon portal mail out and get them for FREE

-Kind bars are 10/$10 @ Dominion - use the $1 print NLA or $1 tear pad and get them for FREE

-Crest toothpaste, oral B toothbrushes and floss are $1 @ Dominion - use the $2 wub 2 print and get them for FREE

-Crest mouthwash is $1.99 @ shoppers - use the $2 wub 2 to get them for $0.99!

-Childrens advil is 2/$10 @ walmart - use the $3.50 prints and get them 2/$3! keep in mind those coupons are one per customer, so you can technically have another person with you to be the other customer

-Baby purex is $2.77 @ powells - use the $2 mail out and get them for $0.77 each which is CRAYYY

-Barilla bistro is $1.66/$1.99 @ Dominion - use the $1 print and claim $1 back on caddle making them FREE

I think that's all folks unless more coupons come out this week.. word on the street is there is some great new dove and axe tear pads around town now. I'm hoping to get my hands one some!!! :D This was a great week for freebies! Including the Halo Top icecream freebies! Awesome! Hoping this week coming up will be equally as good - maybe even better if samplesource gets released.. YASSS!!

Thanks for reading whoever you are xoxox


PS this way is much easier for me actually than the old way of like adding pics, resizing pics and writing a description for each one! the pics and extras are still all on the facebook group though, which commenting is very quick and easy to do! :)

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