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When I open a link from Facebook, it doesn't open in my app / favourite browser!


By default, Facebook will open links in it's own browser when accessed from a mobile device. To get around this, so that when you place items in your cart for later / want to easily check items later, you have a few options.

Option 1: Loading the page in the facebook browser, then opening externally to another app using Facebook's browser's own settings.

1) Open the desired product link, click in the top right corner's 'three dots' to access the options menu:

2) Select open in app (if you have the amazon app), or open in browser (which will open in your default browser).

"But wait!", You're undoubtably screaming at the screen, "I don't want to do this on EVERY link??? Isn't there an easier way?". Absolutely!

Option 2:  Set all links to open externally

1) To open links externally on every link within Facebook, simply go to your profile, and click on the 'Hamburger' icon in the corner to access the settings.

2) Scroll down to the 'Settings and Privacy' menu, and click it.

3) When the menu expands, select 'Settings'

4) Scroll down in the new window to 'Media and Contacts', and click it.

5) Click on the bar for 'Open links externally' so that it's enabled, and you're all set! Now the links will open in your default browser, instead of Facebook's browser, properly preserving login information and cart details!

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Set External 2.jpg
Set External 3.jpg
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