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See below for the most popular sites to grab your printables!

Here are the companies and the contact pages, all you have to say is my family loves your products and I’m hoping to receive a coupon. If the form doesn’t include an area to put in your address include it in the message!

Active Hidden Coupon Links:

  • Similac Club– Sign up on Similac's website and they will send you a package of freebies! It usually includes some samples and some formula samples/formula coupons!


  • Enfamil Family Beginnings – Sign up on Enfamil's website and they will send you a package of freebies and samples/coupons as well!

  • Nestle Baby Program – Sign up on Nestle baby's website and get some freebies & coupons in the mail!

  • Pampers Rewards –  Sign up with Pampers and download the app so that everytime you buy a box of diapers or wipes you can enter the code on each package into your account! Then you can use these codes to get free stuff! Sometimes they give away some free codes as well! 

  • MAM Baby Club – Sign up with MAM Baby Club! They usually send out a free product coupon to expecting parents!

  • Huggies Rewards – Sign up with Huggies and download the app, you can earn points to use towards free stuff!

  • Baby box Canada - Providing a safe place to sleep for babies in Finland for 80 years, they've finally come to Canada! They give you a FREE box that can act as a safe sleeping place for your new baby and some free samples including diapers, wipes, baby wash etc. (I got one when i was pregnant and loved it, then I used the box as a toy box!)

Freebies for expecting parents or new parents!

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