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Deals Nov 1 - Nov 7

Hello my dealie-o's! (still needs work lol)

Last night was Halloween!! But the weather was just awful... I'm kind of glad that's all done now.. phew! Bring on the Christmas sales soon!! :) We got 8 trick or treaters lmao

This week actually looks fabulous.. I think my favorite though is the cheap mayo $$$$$$!! see below and also as always, checkout the full list on I Dies For Deals facebook group <3

wub = when you buy

nla = no longer available

CO51 = Checkout 51 app

No Frills:

$1 carnation milk – use $0.50 wub 2 tear pad! = $0.75 milk!

375G tray of lean ground beef $2

$1 Weston bread

$1 four pack of bagels

$1 pack of English muffins

$1 Dole salad mix

$2 vachon products – use peelies or $1/$0.50 print you can get instantly from contest (see freebies section)

Post cereal is on sale $2 selected varieties – use $1.50 honey bunches of oats print

Lunch mates are $2, use buy 3 get nano yogurt tubes free tear pad

Hellmans mayo $2 ..445ml! claim $0.75 back up to 4 times on CO51!! $1.25 mayo :O

Veggie straws $2, use the $1 mail outs

Smartfood popcorn $2, use $1 print

Astro yogurt $2, use the $1 tear pad to get them for $1 each


Vim spray $1.99, use the $1 insert!!

Dove body wash – $2.99 use $2 wub 2 tear pad, also watch your CO51 offers.. you might have an offer to buy it at Walmart so you could just price match

Armstrong block cheese two day sale $3.49, use the $0.75 tear pad = $2.74


Barilla pasta $0.99, use the $0.75 tear pad to pay just $0.22 a box!

Scotties are $0.99, use $1/$1.50 cashmere peelies to get them for free!

$2 vachon products – use peelies or $1/$0.50 print you can get instantly from contest (see freebies section) 3 day sale!

Villagio bread – 2/$4.44 three day sale, use the $2 walmart mail out no longer available to get these for just $0.22 each!! :O


hunts sauce $0.99, use the $1 wub 2 coupon (I think its only on mainland!)

Black diamond cheese $3.33 three day sale, use $1 wub 2 coupon

Knorr soup mix, use the $1 knorr soup coupon found in the knorr coupon booklets to get them for free!

bic razors $5.99, use the $2 print

French’s toppers $3.99.. claim $1 on CO51 and claim $3 wub 2 on CO51.. = $1.49 each!

Dove deodorant $2.99, use $2 wub 2 tear pad, there’s also $3 wub 2 on CO51 but it’s only on advanced care 74g… and according to dominion website it’s only the 45g that’s $2.99 :(

Silk milk $3.49, use $1 print and claim $1 back on CO51! = $1.49 each


Campbells broth $1.47, use the buy 3 get one free print or teart pad and claim $2 back on CO51 wub 3! = $0.60 each

astro yogurt $2 each use the $1 tear pad

ubykotex tampons $3.97 each, use the $3 print

McCormick gravy $1.87, claim $1.50 wub 3 on Caddle & on CO51 = $0.87 each!

Degree womens deodorant $2.97, claim $1.25 (some people have $1) on CO51

Clover farm – Cavendish hashbrowns are $1.98 each, use the $1 tear pad and yes Walmart does price match clover farm lol


kind bars are $1.49, can use the $1 print or tear pad to get them for $0.49 each

chapmans are $3.49, use the $4 mail out to get this for free!


Chapmans $3.49 use the $4 mail out to get this for free!

8 pack of royale velour $3.99, can use the $2 print NLA to get this for $1.99

Powell's Supermarket:

Heinz ketchup $2.99, use the $1 tear pad to get it for $1.99!!! yes they take tear pads and yes Walmart price matches!

Cavendish fries 2/$3, use the $1 tear pad to get these for 2/$1!

Pharmachoice (I used Bay Bulls postal code):

dove shampoo $2.99! use $2 wub 2 tear pad!!! (you can also price match this as well!)

right guard deodorant $1.88

single boxes of Kleenex $0.79 each!

vim cream $1.29, use the $1 insert! Unfortunately Walmart does not carry this size to price match!

Thank you for reading! xoxox

Sincerely your random person on the internet,


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