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Sept 27-Oct 3

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Here are some highlights of the upcoming week, it's not a unique week (yet anyway) but not overall bad :) *Don't forget there's a FULL list under announcements on the "I Dies For Deals" facebook group!

*NF=No Frills

*wub = wub

-No Frills - Flour is going on for a great price! 10kg bag for $8.77

-NF - Veggie straws $1.97 - use the $1 company mail outs

-NF - English muffins are $1

-Staples - Kleenex are $0.75 a box

-Dominion no tax day is SATURDAY !

-Dominion PC turkey $1.39/lb

-Walmart - Blocks of armstrong cheese are going on for $3.87

-Walmart - Huggies and Pampers diapers are going on for $19.97, use the $10 wub 2 mainland tear pads! AND claim $4.50 back on diapers and $3 back on huggies wipes on CO51!!

- Dominion - Catelli bistro going on for $1.66 wub 3, use the $1 prints and claim $1 back on Caddle making these FREE & a money maker!

-NF - Crescent rolls $0.97 each

-Shoppers - Sat and Sun only - Baby purex $2.99.. use the $2 mail outs!

-Shoppers - Sat and Sun only - Downy $2.99 - use the $3 wub 2 printables!

-Shoppers - ubykotex products (black box) going on for $3.99.. use the $3 print!!

-Lawtons - Friskies cat treats $0.99 - use the purina mail outs to get them for FREE!

-Foodland - Heinz ketchup going on for $2.97, use the $1 tear pads!!

-Lawtons - Vachon cakes are going on 3/$5! use the $1 peelies to get them 3/$2!

-Dominion - All Bran cereal going on for $2.99, use the $2 mail out!

-Dominion - Crest toothpaste, oral B floss and toothbrushes are going on for $1, use the $2 wub 2 prints and get them for FREE (and no tax on saturday!)

-Sobeys - Butterball turkey is going on for $1.49/lb

-Shoppers - Knorr lipton cup a soup is going on for $0.99 a box! use the $1 knorr soup product coupon found in the little booklet found at Dominion!!

-Pharmachoice - herbal essences $2 each! use the $1.50 wub 2 print!

-Pharmachoice - Vim 250ml is on for $1 each, use the $1 inserts to get them for free!! walmart don't carry this size though! Vim 500ml is on for $2 at shoppers so you could price match that and get it for $1! I find the 250ml hard to find lol

-Sobeys - use the $1 vector bars coupon and claim $1 back on CO51

-Sobeys - Cascade is on for $7.49, claim $2 back on CO51!

Dominion - Beneful dog food grain free is on for $6.99! use the $4 insert and claim $3 back on CO51 to get a bag for completely free on tax free day!!!!

Thanks for reading whoever you are! xox


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